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Experience the Harvest Festival in Maria Alm on the Ebengut

A holiday all about tradition and old customs

As soon as the summer leaves mountains and valley, the province of Salzburg starts a very special season. The Harvest Festival unites tradition and old customs with conviviality and snugness. Festivities and events turn the Harvest Festival in Maria Alm into an amazing experience – also on and around the Ebengut, most certainly.

The Harvest Festival in the Pinzgau

The Harvest Festival has been putting the entire province of Salzburg under its spell every late August to October since 1995. Rural culture is the main focus during big festivities and parades, crafts displays and courses, music and culinary art. Transhumance in Maria Alm and many other Harvest Festival villages kicks off the festivities. Traditionally adored cattle are driven back to the farm in the valley after a summer on lush alpine meadows during a massive ceremony.

Your Harvest Festival farm holidays in Austria

As an Ebengut guest you experience the Harvest Festival up close. We adorn our organic farm with juicy pumpkins. The autumn flowers are in full bloom. The festivities and parades aren’t far away. The annual dumpling festival has grown in tradition. Sweet and savoury specialties are served. Farm festivals, village evenings and guided hikes are offered during the entire Harvest Festival. Get to know the region’s wild herbs, try your hand at natural cosmetics and visit entertaining alp feasts. Find a full overview of all Harvest Festival events in the three Hochkönig villages Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach at www.hochkoenig.at.


Lived customs meet great exaltation. Whether it’s spending time together cosily – the so-called Hoagaschtn – or being active between mountains and valley, the Harvest Festival entertains anew every year. Visit us on our organic farm in Maria Alm and request a non-binding holiday offer today!

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