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Animal friends for your farm stay in Austria

Our two- and four-legged companions on the Ebengut

Spend your next farm stay in Austria in Maria Alm and get to know the farm animals on the Ebengut! They’re always here, ’cause work, but, and that’s particularly important, lots of joy and fun. We are always happy about helping hands for feeding and tending to the animals – some of them are very trusting and always happy for some petting!

These are our farm animals!

You’ll get to know a lot of animal companions during your farm holidays in Maria Alm, which will delight the youngest guests, but not only. Let us introduce you to our two- and four-legged friends:

Dog Grolli

Our wire-haired dachshund loves going for walks with guests, getting its fur stroked and playing with kids. He loves to eat pork sausage and cooked meat.


You have to be careful with our three lady quails Sofal, Lena and Kathi. They love to fly out of their coop, but can be easily caught again. Our quails love salad and grain feed, then they’ll lay those small, very healthy quail eggs.


Mom Fipsi and dad Flecki have small rabbits that are usually named after our guest children. They enjoy being petted and running around freely, where they love frolicking around with the kids. The rabbis prefer eating carrots, salat and dandelion.

Guinea pigs

Hanni and Nanni share the barn with the rabbits, also love carrots and salads, and enjoy their peace in their little house. They squeak when hungry and are delighted about getting fresh dandelion from the kids.


During your farm stay in Austria you’ll meet our runner duck couple, who cruise around the garden picking up slugs or eating soaked bread. They love the quiet and are hard to catch. We’re always happy about help as the ducks love to swim and we have to refill fresh water every day.


Our two pot-bellied pigs Molli and Frieda are very tame and can be petted. They like to eat vegetable scraps or cooked noodles.


Our proud peacock is called Cäsar and prances around the entire farm. He’s already 13 and mostly likes his peace. He can’t be pet or caught, he doesn’t like that at all. If the weather changes, he cry frequently. We are very proud of his beautiful feathers, which he sheds starting around late July. The children go looking for them. Cäsar also likes to join the chickens in the barn.


Flora is still from grandpa’s breeding. He spends summer on the alp with the cows and likes to eat hay.


Our cows enjoy the fresh alpine herbs in summer. We have mother cow breeding, meaning that the calves, too, can join us on the alp. We are an organic farm, so we only feed them the best. They can go back to the farm in September where they graze for another few weeks.


You’d like to spend your farm stay in Austria on the Ebengut? Request a non-binding offer today!

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