Winter holidays in Maria Alm

Your winter in Maria Alm at the Ebengut

Magical winter scenery, active entertainment

Winter in Maria Alm whisks you away to magical scenery. Wildly craggy, high-rising mountain giants meet rolling hills. Sun, sky and land create an amazing image in white and blue.

A winter wonderland providing the utmost holiday bliss awaits you around Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach. Gleefully anticipating your impending visit, we’ll gladly share all that awaits you on and around the deeply snow-covered peak of emotions.

Exciting ski tours in Maria Alm for Ebengut guests

Liberating mountain tours on touring skiers

How about a little trip beyond beaten path? Ski tours in Maria Alm bring you closer to the peak of emotions in many different ways. Nature poses gripping challenges to you in close proximity to your cosy accommodation on the organic farm Ebengut.

Highly diverse ski touring on the Hochkönig allows you to learn more about the mountain, terrain and peculiarities while forging ahead step by step.
The view once you’ve arrived high above the clouds and the awareness of the deserted, undeveloped downhill slope that will follow in just a few moments are indescribable.

Recommendations for the next Hochkönig mountain tour

Beginners get good training in terms of touring technique, avalanche knowledge and companion aid before starting the tour. Which of the ski tours in Maria Alm do you want to tackle today? Here are three of our favourites.

Aberg tour

Once the daily skiing operations draw to a close, Maria Alm’s slopes open up an amazing dusk tour. Ascend from the Aberg cable car parking ground along the slopes no. 10, no. 22 and no. 23 via Wastlalm to Abergalm. If you bring more endurance and proper conditioning to the table, the final part to the Karlift mountain station is a bit steeper.

Length: approx. 3,65 km
Ascent: 773 altitude metres
Duration: approx. 3 hours


This ski tour is short but intense as the route from Hintermoos ski centre to the Statzerhaus on the Hundstein is constantly ascending with some tricky sharp turns. We recommend using climbing skins from the summer hiking trail onward in order to master the ridgeway without any problems. View and scenery are more than worth it for the effort.

Length: approx. 2.75 km
Ascent: 273 altitude metres
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours


How about a Maria Alm ski touring insiders’ tip to cap things off? Mooshamalm is widely unfamiliar to most ski mountaineers. Ascend onto Langegg via Abergbahn and, after a brief downhill part, tackle the ascent onto Hundstein. The gallery forest opens up to reveal a panoramic view of your destination – before you take the long slope back to the ski bus stop Hintermoos.

Length: approx. 9 km
Ascent: 388 altitude metres
Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

There are certainly numerous more ski tours to be explored and conquered throughout the Hochkönig region, in Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach, but also in the surrounding villages. Your hosts will gladly provide you with further suggestions.

Ski holidays in Maria Alm on the organic farm Ebengut

First-class winter fun for skiers and snowboarders

The ski region Hochkönig with its 150 snow-reliable km of slopes and numerous multifaceted downhill pistes for your ski holidays in Maria Alm stretches across Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach.

As part of Ski amadé with a total of 860 km of slopes, the season already starts in December and lasts until the Easter holidays in spring – the best preconditions for your winter holiday at the organic farm Ebengut, your gateway to winter fun at the ski area Hochkönig and the Steinernes Meer.

Snowboarding and skiing on the Hochkönig

The ski region features slopes for every experience level, be it beginners, intermediates or pros on skis or snowboards.
Drive up to the 36 mountain railways and ski lifts, which bring you up to altitudes of 860 to 1,900 m in no time, with the free ski bus.
Families feel right at home on the easy, broad slopes. Your kids can take a few ski lessons tailored to the needs of youngsters at the ski school. Soon they’ll join you on the slopes and ski side by side with you.Snowboarders, too, get their money’s worth during ski holidays on the Hochkönig.

Many challenges and obstacles are waiting for you at the fun parks. Refine your skills and find many like-minded boarders.
non-binding enquiry quickly sends you on your way to the next panoramic slope.

Hochkönig cross-country skiing

Nordic action for Ebengut guests

The peak of emotions also invites fans of the arduous Nordic sport to a tailor-made holiday. Gliding across freshly groomed runs, tackling tricky ascents and looking forward to the next downhill – that’s cross-country skiing on the Hochkönig.

An excellently developed network of runs of an impressive 40 km leads through the three Hochkönig villages. Runs for classic style and for skating lead across mountains and valleys, to relaxed tours and gorgeous views.

Diverse options for cross-country skiers await you around our organic farm Ebengut. They range from easy-going beginners’ runs to challenging high-altitude ones to the perfect cross-country lessons for beginners and advances skiers.

Hochkönig Maria Alm: The best runs at a glance

As part of Ski amadé, the peak of emotions enjoys a great variety of cross-country runs of different lengths and difficulties. Here are our personal favourites throughout the wide ski area:


This short loop through the heart of Maria Alm is equally suited for beginners and for guests who just want to warm up with a closer look at the region. Ski through the village starting and finishing at the fire stations in under half an hour. The run is lighted and open every day until 9 pm.

Length: approx. 1.9 km
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Möserloipe lll

Three different routes make the Krallerwinkl, Griessbachwinkl and Enterwinkl east of the village centre accessible. These tours, the third route in particular, are for only for pros who can perfectly get around on cross-country skis and have the necessary endurance to ski through the region in classic style for several hours.

Length: approx. 14 km
Duration: approx. 3 hours


Would you prefer an easier experience instead? This run also starts in the Griessbachwinkl – Krallerwinkl region but remains completely flat. Quickly ski through the heart of the region with the deeply snow-covered winter scenery as backdrop.

Length: approx. 1.9 km
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Would you prefer a different Möserloipe route? Are you drawn to Hinterthal, Saalfelden or even to other ski areas in Salzburg? Find a full overview of all regional runs at

Cross-country lessons for children and adults

The lesson options of the ski schools in Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach am Hochkönig is very impressive! Ski & board aside, Nordic guests are welcome as well. Ranging from group lessons for total beginners to technique training for intermediates to private lessons with individual training, best run conditions are guaranteed. Find more information at


Tip: The Hochkönig Card, which you use for the entire duration of your stay as a guest of our organic farm, grants you attractive discounts on all cross-country skiing lessons!

Cross-country skiing in Maria Alm on the Hochkönig around the Ebengut accommodations – only one of many highlights during your next winter holiday.

Snowshoeing and winter hiking on the Hochkönig

The best winter walks on the summit of emotions

When snow covers the alpine meadows and awe-inspiring mountain giants, the region around your holiday flat turns into a fairy-tale scenery for winter hiking on the Hochkönig.
Craggy rocks, wide fields, snow-covered hills and meadows, quiet forests offer peace and contemplation away from the skiing hustle and bustle.

Winter hiking and snowshoeing on the Hochkönig allows you to reflect, to let your thoughts run free, to unwind and enjoy.
Numerous huts invite you to a little rest stop. Warm up for the next stage of your hike with a cup of Jagatee or mulled wine.

The neatest winter hikes around Maria Alm

Numerous attractive options around our organic farm allow you to enjoy winter hiking on the Hochkönig to the fullest. We can particularly recommend the following routes:

For families: Walking trail to the Steinbockalm

Time to hit the ski region in Dienten: Take the Gabühelbahn cable car onto the mountain before embarking on a half-hour walk to the Steinbockalm. This fairly flat trail offers amazing views and lots of options for kids to go wild.

For perseverers: Natrun loop trail

Pass the Enterwinkl for a particularly panoramic winter hike. 6.4 km in 3.5 hours lead from Gasthof Jufen with neat rest stop option on snow-cleared paths via Grammleralm and Natrun back to your accommodation in Maria Alm. Ski poles or Nordic walking poles recommended!

For connoissers: Hiking on the Möserrundweg

6.5 km and 140 altitude metres – certainly not an issue for most winter hikers. The Möserrundweg particularly lends itself to an enjoyable tour as the view on this walk to Rohrmoos and through the Krallerwinkl is genuinely amazing. Children and adults love this 2.5-hour trip with rest stop options, spontaneous snowball fight included!

For nature enthusiasts: Tour on the Aberg

Hike behind the church to Urslau via the unhurried village walk no. 12. Arriving in Urslau, the paths no. 11 and no. 28 are a steady ascent. You’ll have covered around 500 altitude metres when arriving at Aberg mountain station, then speedily return back to the valley by gondola cable car or ski bus.

For adventures: Walk to Hinterthal

Winter hiking on the Hochkönig shows you the multifaceted region in a charming manner. Guided tours on perfectly groomed trails lead via Natrun to stunning Hinterthal. After a brief initial challenge, the ascent remains moderate, but you should bring some stamina for this tour of just over ten kilometres.

If you’d like to learn more about winter hiking and snowshoeing in Maria Alm on the Hochkönig around the organic farm Ebengutwe’ll gladly advise you. We always have many topical and daily excursion and hiking tips available for you, and will gladly recommend the numerous other diverse tours to the neighbouring villages Dienten and Mühlbach en route to Arthurhaus and Bürglalm!

Best send us your non-binding enquiry right now and look forward to the unmatched winter panorama and the many sport and leisure options throughout the region for an unforgettable holiday after your fancy.

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Choose your favourite toboggan run in Maria Alm

Two attractive, highly recommendable toboggan runs await you in close Ebengut proximity. Hire your toboggan at the respective run for a small fee and race down the lighted hills in no time. Don’t forget your warm clothes!

Jufen toboggan run

A short winter hiking trail with brief, slightly steep stages leads across meadows and through longer forest paths onto the Jufenalm at 1,150 m. We recommend a brief rest stop at the inn. Freshly reinvigorated, you hit the easy, approx. 2 km long run. Groups can be picked up by the Jufen tractor on enquiry.


By car to the parking lot approx. 100 m from the cable car or via the hiking trails no. 401 and no. 21 from the village centre – Gasthof Kronreith at approx. 1,000 m is reached in no time. Hire your toboggan and set your sights on the 1.5 km long, lighted run. The brief steep part through the wooded belt is quite tough, everything else is slightly sloping with only a few turns.

Other nearby runs

Tobogganing isn’t only a thing in Maria Alm. The other Hochkönig villages and more places nearby feature awesome, racy runs for the entire family as well. Here are a few of our favourites for your winter holiday in Salzburg.

Kopphütte Mühlbach

It is one of the most beautiful among the numerous natural toboggan runs: Children and adults love the drawn-out descent from Alpengasthof Kopphütte to the village centre of Mühlbach (approx. 4 km). Park your hired sled there... or you could immediately go back to the start for another round.


Short but sweet: The short toboggan run at the Reithgut is situated directly at the ski and walking path to Mühlbach’s village mill. One kilometre of high-speed, moderately steep action awaits you. Winter shoes with traction are highly recommended!

Grünegg Dienten toboggan run

Freshly prepared every day, the trip to the Grünegg Alm not only excites winter hikers. Race down the approx. 1.5 km long, lighted run during happy-go-lucky tobogganing in Dienten, hire on site.

Tobogganing in Saalfelden on the Biberg

Finally, we take a brief trip to the Saalfelden in the neighbourhood: The Biberg features the longest winter toboggan run in Austria. Go to the start by shuttle service or the approx. one-hour hike, then race down to the valley across 6 km. And that’s only one of four runs in the Saalfelden Leogang region!

Which of the many options for tobogganing in Maria Alm and its surroundings are you interested in today?
Tip: Enjoy attractive discounts for toboggan hires and many a cable car with the Hochkönig Card – already included in your holiday package.

Want to give tobogganing a shot? We are already looking forward to welcoming you to a happy-go-lucky winter holiday on our organic farm Ebengut and will gladly compile a non-binding offer for you

Family ski holidays on the Hochkönig

Skiing fun around the organic farm

Your well-deserved family ski holidays on the Hochkönig are a true joy for everyone!

150 km of slopes36 highly modern and secure mountain railways and lifts turn the winter sports region for skiing on the Hochkönig around Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach as part of Ski amadé into a paradise on snow-reliable slopes surrounded by fascinating, deeply snow-covered scenery.

Particularly wide slopes and the inviting surroundings suitable for children always put family-friendliness in first place.

Ski area on the Hochkönig for the entire family

Family holidays on the Hochkönig introduce your children to fun and games on the slopes.
The ski schools in Maria Alm regularly offer lessons for your children for your youngsters to learn how to ski and snowboard.

The wide slopes are ideally suited for skiing with children on the Hochkönig:
Your kids familiarise themselves with the challengers of winter on easy, inviting terrain and soon will glide down into the valley having tons of fun.

Ski huts suitable for families with winter playgrounds and special children’s menus are perfect for short breaks in-between.

Do you have further questions about your family ski holidays on the Hochkönig?

We’d gladly be of assistance and are looking forward to receiving your non-binding enquiry for your stay on the organic farm Ebengut in the heart of the winter sport region.


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