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Hochkönig cross-country skiing

Nordic action for Ebengut guests

The peak of emotions also invites fans of the arduous Nordic sport to a tailor-made holiday. Gliding across freshly groomed runs, tackling tricky ascents and looking forward to the next downhill – that’s cross-country skiing on the Hochkönig.


An excellently developed network of runs of an impressive 40 km leads through the three Hochkönig villages. Runs for classic style and for skating lead across mountains and valleys, to relaxed tours and gorgeous views.


Diverse options for cross-country skiers await you around our organic farm Ebengut. They range from easy-going beginners’ runs to challenging high-altitude ones to the perfect cross-country lessons for beginners and advances skiers.



Langlaufloipen am Hochkönig
Langlaufloipen am Hochkönig

Hochkönig Maria Alm: The best runs at a glance

As part of Ski amadé, the peak of emotions enjoys a great variety of cross-country runs of different lengths and difficulties. Here are our personal favourites throughout the wide ski area:


This short loop through the heart of Maria Alm is equally suited for beginners and for guests who just want to warm up with a closer look at the region. Ski through the village starting and finishing at the fire stations in under half an hour. The run is lighted and open every day until 9 pm.


Length: approx. 1.9 km
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Möserloipe lll

Three different routes make the Krallerwinkl, Griessbachwinkl and Enterwinkl east of the village centre accessible. These tours, the third route in particular, are for only for pros who can perfectly get around on cross-country skis and have the necessary endurance to ski through the region in classic style for several hours.


Length: approx. 14 km
Duration: approx. 3 hours


Would you prefer an easier experience instead? This run also starts in the Griessbachwinkl – Krallerwinkl region but remains completely flat. Quickly ski through the heart of the region with the deeply snow-covered winter scenery as backdrop.


Length: approx. 1.9 km
Duration: approx. 30 minutes


Would you prefer a different Möserloipe route? Are you drawn to Hinterthal, Saalfelden or even to other ski areas in Salzburg? Find a full overview of all regional runs at www.hochkoenig.at.

Cross-country lessons for children and adults

The lesson options of the ski schools in Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach am Hochkönig is very impressive! Ski & board aside, Nordic guests are welcome as well. Ranging from group lessons for total beginners to technique training for intermediates to private lessons with individual training, best run conditions are guaranteed. Find more information at www.hochkoenig.at.


Tip: The Hochkönig Card, which you use for the entire duration of your stay as a guest of our organic farm, grants you attractive discounts on all cross-country skiing lessons!


Cross-country skiing in Maria Alm on the Hochkönig around the Ebengut accommodations – only one of many highlights during your next winter holiday. We’ll gladly compile a non-binding offer for you!

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