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Family entertainment tobogganing in Maria Alm

The best regional tobogganing options

Do you remember your childhood when you were racing down every snow-covered hill with a sled, no matter its size? Tobogganing in Maria Alm brings you the delightful revival of this happy-go-lucky time!


Several amazing runs directly on the peak of emotions and many other attractive tobogganing options nearby lead across small sledding hills and professionally prepared, tobogganing hills, some of which are lighted for evening fun.


Tobogganing in Maria Alm is one of many highlights during your family winter holiday on the organic farm Ebengut. Hire a wooden or a sport toboggan on site and go to the start.


We recommend sturdy shoes as protection from wet feet and dripping socks plus snow goggles for keeping a clear view in splashy snow. Quickly you race down to the next run for tobogganing in Maria Alm – winter doesn’t get any better!

Choose your favourite toboggan run in Maria Alm

Two attractive, highly recommendable toboggan runs await you in close Ebengut proximity. Hire your toboggan at the respective run for a small fee and race down the lighted hills in no time. Don’t forget your warm clothes!

Jufen toboggan run

A short winter hiking trail with brief, slightly steep stages leads across meadows and through longer forest paths onto the Jufenalm at 1,150 m. We recommend a brief rest stop at the inn. Freshly reinvigorated, you hit the easy, approx. 2 km long run. Groups can be picked up by the Jufen tractor on enquiry.


By car to the parking lot approx. 100 m from the cable car or via the hiking trails no. 401 and no. 21 from the village centre – Gasthof Kronreith at approx. 1,000 m is reached in no time. Hire your toboggan and set your sights on the 1.5 km long, lighted run. The brief steep part through the wooded belt is quite tough, everything else is slightly sloping with only a few turns.

Other nearby runs

Tobogganing isn’t only a thing in Maria Alm. The other Hochkönig villages and more places nearby feature awesome, racy runs for the entire family as well. Here are a few of our favourites for your winter holiday in Salzburg.

Kopphütte Mühlbach

It is one of the most beautiful among the numerous natural toboggan runs: Children and adults love the drawn-out descent from Alpengasthof Kopphütte to the village centre of Mühlbach (approx. 4 km). Park your hired sled there... or you could immediately go back to the start for another round.


Short but sweet: The short toboggan run at the Reithgut is situated directly at the ski and walking path to Mühlbach’s village mill. One kilometre of high-speed, moderately steep action awaits you. Winter shoes with traction are highly recommended!

Grünegg Dienten toboggan run

Freshly prepared every day, the trip to the Grünegg Alm not only excites winter hikers. Race down the approx. 1.5 km long, lighted run during happy-go-lucky tobogganing in Dienten, hire on site.

Tobogganing in Saalfelden on the Biberg

Finally, we take a brief trip to the Saalfelden in the neighbourhood: The Biberg features the longest winter toboggan run in Austria. Go to the start by shuttle service or the approx. one-hour hike, then race down to the valley across 6 km. And that’s only one of four runs in the Saalfelden Leogang region!


Which of the many options for tobogganing in Maria Alm and its surroundings are you interested in today? Tip: Enjoy attractive discounts for toboggan hires and many a cable car with the Hochkönig Card – already included in your holiday package.


Want to give tobogganing a shot? We are already looking forward to welcoming you to a happy-go-lucky winter holiday on our organic farm Ebengut and will gladly compile a non-binding offer for you

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