Bauernherbst & Wild Weeks in Maria Alm

Every year at the end of August, the fifth season begins in Salzburger Land. At the Bauernherbst, customs, enjoyment and more are brought to life in a wide variety of events.

Since 1995, from the end of August to the end of October, the Bauernherbst has been communicating the customs and traditions of the Salzburg region to its guests. Not only is attention paid to craftsmanship, musical or culinary skills, but the connection between man and animal is also celebrated here.


A colorful program for young and old

Together we ring in the late summer, the play of colors that awaits you in autumn in the Hochkönig region is really quite special. In addition to numerous hikes and excursions, the Farmer’s Autumn program is always a very special highlight for our guests.

Every year Maria Alm welcomes you to the Farmer’s Autumn Festival, where traditional delicacies as well as Schuhplattler, Schnalzer and the Maria Almer Dorfabendmusi await you. During handicraft demonstrations you will get an insight into traditional professions from times long past.

During the traditional Almabtrieb, the sheep and cows of the farmers from the region are driven away from their summer domicile so that they can enjoy the winter safely in their stables before they return to the lush alpine meadows the following year. This year, our farmers are exceptionally skipping this tradition due to the wolf attacks in the region.


Everything is good as long as you eat game

Restaurants in the region also offer venison during these weeks. Traditionally, we usually have venison and deer, served with dumplings, red cabbage – also known as Blaukraut to German guests – and preferably accompanied by delicious wines.

If you want to refresh yourself after the events of the Bauernherbst, the WildererTreff at the village square of Maria Alm is just the right place! Here you will always find a free spot, a cool drink or a snack in between!

The Wilderer Ball in the HOCHKÖNIGIN is even more traditional: Dirndls, lederhosen, culinary delights, live music and a cozy atmosphere create a very special atmosphere.

Whether forest bathing, farmer’s autumn hikes, traditional events or Almabtrieb, the farmer’s autumn in Salzburg is a very unique experience. Here you will experience a special atmosphere and an incredible play of colors of nature. For further tips or recommendations we are at your disposal, we are looking forward to your visit at Ebengut.