Our Ebengut playground in Maria Alm

The Ebengut organic farm in Maria Alm is the perfect destination for your next family holiday on the Hochkönig.
Auf unserem Abenteuerspielplatz vergnügen sich Kinder jeden Alters gerne.

Our Ebengut playground in Maria Alm

The Ebengut organic farm in Maria Alm is the perfect destination for your next family holiday on the Hochkönig.

Look forward to great play and excursion opportunities around the farm with exciting adventures and lots of fun for young and old. Do you already know our playground in Maria Alm? The large farm area invites you to play and discover, while the adults relax a little and always keep a watchful eye on their offspring.

A round of the playground

You can play a whole round in our playground. Start at the climbing tractor with a cabin to steer, then continue over a balancing beam to the heavy ropes, where you have to shimmy along with your hands and blocks on your feet. Once you have mastered this challenge, the mud area awaits. You can either stay here or climb up the two chicken ladders to the play tower. Now you can slide or climb down or continue your round via a twisted spider’s web. From the spider’s web you come to a wooden climbing frame. From there, it’s back to the tractor via the last balancing beam.

All stations at a glance

Action is guaranteed at our children’s playground in Maria Alm. In addition to the exciting tour, there are of course the individual stations to conquer and discover:

  • Mud facility: you can use a water pump to dam up water in a container, then choose a channel where the water can run off. You can sieve the sand through a large sieve, or use various rope pulls and small tubs to transport the sand and water. There is also a sand area where you can play with small shovels and rakes or wheelbarrows just on the ground.
  • Swings: We have a basket swing, where, by the way, parents also like to swing, and a large panoramic swing. Adults can also always be found on our very long swings, which go really high up towards the mountains.
  • See-saws: Three spring rockers are waiting – a sheep, a pig and a horse with trailer for four children.
  • Play tower: The play tower itself has a small window at the bottom where the children often play shop. You can slide, climb or just go round and round.
  • Trampoline: Our ground trampoline is also very popular with young and old.
  • Volleyball and badminton net: For the parents and youngsters there is a volleyball court and a badminton court.
  • Football goals: We also have a small football pitch with two goals in the courtyard.
  • Table tennis table: There is always time for a fun game on the table.
  • Go-karts: On our farm, children can still have fun driving around with the go-karts.

Petting zoo at Ebengut

In addition to the playground in Maria Alm, which already has approx. 625 m² in itself, we now also have our own petting zoo with approx. 470 m² for our animals. Here you will meet Thaddäus the dwarf donkey, who loves to be groomed, as well as:

  • Dwarf hares
  • guinea pigs
  • Ducks
  • Quails
  • Dwarf goats (Flecki and Goldi)
  • Dog Grolli
  • Peacock Caesar
  • Chickens

Guests are always allowed to come in and pet the animals.

Relaxation and enjoyment for parents

We have large sunbeds directly in front of the playground in Maria Alm. But you can also easily see the children from the terrace or balcony. The playground is freely visible without a fence or the like. In addition, there are no major hazards, such as the road, stream or water. Even our duck pond is separately fenced. Enjoy coffee and cake on the terrace or at the barbecue area. There is also seating for parents directly at the playground.