The permanent guests at Ebengut

Our farm animals live in the same luxury as our guests. Keeping them in a species-appropriate manner and raising them with love is a matter of course for us.

Organic farm Ebengut

Caution is advised: With every step you take at the Ebengut, one or the other two- or four-legged farm animal may run in front of you. Stop for a moment, because very few of them would object to being petted.

Mila & Thaddäus

Dwarf Donkeys

Our small but no less stubborn dwarf donkeys are the favourites of both our small and large guests. You can please them with small treats like apples or carrots – but only in moderation! Because they won’t stop eating of their own accord as it’s one of their favourite pastimes.

Mama Fipsi & Papa Flecki


Mummy Fipsi and Daddy Flecki regularly add to their family and are happy to receive name suggestions from our little guests. They love to be petted and hop around happily in their free run. Their favourite food includes carrots, lettuce and dandelion.

Goldie & Kids

Dwarf Goats

Goldie is our cheeky mummy goat. Don’t let her small size fool you, she has a lot of energy bundled up! As goat mum of the year, she lovingly looks after her two kids. Why not feed her some juicy grass or hay as a reward for so much effort!

Wenn du eine Pfauenfeder am Ebengut findest, darfst du sie gern behalten.



With its imposing plumage, our peacock does not bear its name without good reason. Especially in spring, its feathered wheel shows itself in full splendour. If you are lucky, you may even find a peacock feather, which you are welcome to keep. Otherwise, however, you should not get too close to our peacock, because he likes his privacy.

Hanni & Nanni

Guinea Pigs

Hanni and Nanni share a hutch with the rabbits and a love of carrots and lettuce. While the rabbits hop around outside, they enjoy the peace and quiet in their own little house. If you hear them squeaking loudly, they are probably hungry and happy to receive fresh dandelions from the children.

Unsere Meerschweinchen genießen die Ruhe im Stall.
Unser Laufenten-Trio Tick, Trick und Track sieht man vor allem im Garten.

Tick, Trick & Track

Runner ducks

Our three busy runner ducks rush around the garden and look for the most delicious snails. But soaked bread is also on their menu. They appreciate the peace and quiet and hardly let themselves be caught – after all, they have got work to do! Since their “swimming pond” is freshly refilled every day, we are always very happy to have helping hands.

Coco, Pepe, Fifi, Berta, Luna & Co.


A new group of animals has recently arrived at the Ebengut: our quails. You can spot a whole group of little birds in our barn – and if you’re lucky, you might even get a little present from them for breakfast. Our little flock is eager to help Henriette and her friends with eggs for our guests.

Organic eggs

Greetings from the chickens at Ebengut!

Our organic eggs come from chickens who are fed the best feed and are kept in the very best conditions. The eggs also benefit a little bit from the fantastic view of the Hochkönig region. Discover Maria Alm’s happiest chickens and watch them clucking and digging around!